Visiting somewhere new can always be a bit intimidating, so we’d like to make a visit easier by helping you understand a bit more about what happens at one of our services.

Firstly, we welcome everyone, because we believe that everyone should hear the good news of Jesus. We warmly welcome families and have crèche facilities and children’s church for those with children of all ages. There is no dress code because church is about who you are not what labels you wear. There is no VIP area or reserved seating, we just ask everyone to be considerate of each other.

Services start with light refreshments at the advertised time. Services last around 90 minutes, and will involve singing, praying, hearing the Bible read and taught.

Whilst some of these activities may be unusual to you, we want you to be able to watch what happens without fear of being asked to do anything you’re uncomfortable with. Also if you have questions and doubts about anything we do, we’d be glad to answer any of your questions, please speak to one of the elders or service leaders.

The church operates a hearing loop and has wheelchair access at all sites and services.